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Personal Ministries

What we are about

Personal ministries recognises that every Seventh-day Adventist disciple has been called into the ministry of reaching out, sharing the gospel and growing the church. As people in our churches understand and accept this call, our churches will grow and become more vibrant and healthy. Personal ministries equips individual church members and local congregations to fulfil their missional calling.


Friendship Evangelism

Wherever you live, work or study, there are people around you that God is calling you to reach out to. Research has shown that 70% of people who make the decision to be baptised and become active members of our church point to friends and family as the reason for their choice to join our church. The Department of Personal Ministries equips you for this exciting outreach opportunity.

Small Groups

Just like plants grow rapidly in greenhouses, healthy small groups are environments where people can rapidly grow spiritually and socially. Evangelistic small groups are one of the most effective places to invite you friends and family members as well as being an effective way to disciple people in your church.

Church Health

It is a wonderful experience to be part of a healthy church family. People from the community are much more likely to be attracted this type of church and want to get involved. The Personal Ministries Department can work alongside the leadership team of your church to assess your church health and facilitate growth in order for your church to become healthier.

Evangelistic Projects

Working together as a team is a fantastic experience, whether that is going on a fly-and-build mission trip or playing sports. The same is true for evangelism. The Personal Ministries can assist your church in undertaking effective evangelistic projects as well as connect you in with Conference-wide evangelistic opportunities.